Do Solar Panel Angle and Orientation Matter? | O’Brien Maintenance Group
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rows of tilted solar panels

Solar Panel Orientation and Angle: Do They Matter?

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So you’ve made the decision to install solar panels on your commercial establishment. It’s a big decision and a good one at that! But since it is quite a significant investment, you would want to ensure that the installation is done correctly. That said, there are things to consider, such as the solar panel angle and orientation.

The orientation and angle of solar panels definitely affect their performance, but the optimum angle and position will vary depending on your location and other factors. In this blog post, we will discuss solar panel orientation and angle in detail and explain how you can find the best position for your solar array!

Why is the Angle of Solar Panels Important?

The angle of solar panels is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s a crucial determinant of their efficiency. The right tilt ensures that the panels absorb maximum sunlight throughout the day, directly affecting the amount of electricity they produce. Especially in a diverse climate like Australia, where the sun’s position varies considerably throughout the year, the angle of solar panels plays a pivotal role. By optimising the tilt, businesses can harness the sun’s energy more effectively, leading to better power output and a quicker return on their investment. Simply put, the better the angle, the more energy you’re likely to generate.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel systems are mounted to a roof using rafters as anchors, where the panels can be mounted with steel bolts to secure the attachments. But how do expert installers know which orientation your panels should be mounted in? Additionally, what is the best angle for solar panels in Australia? The answer depends on the climate, the construction of your roof and your solar energy needs.


Vertically installing solar panels requires fewer rails for mounting. As such, vertical installation has less overall cost compared to horizontal installation. Solar panels are also installed vertically when the slant and size of a roof allow them to fit more efficiently in that way. Moreover, some installation companies tend to install solar panels vertically.


Some roofs are designed differently, and for those with limited inclination, flat solar panels might be a suitable choice. As such, there may be times when a horizontal orientation is the best position for your solar panels. In Australia, solar panels are commonly installed horizontally. Horizontal solar panel installation works well in areas where the sun’s light energy output is relatively stable throughout the year.

The Optimum Angle for Solar Panels

solar panels installed on slanted roof of factory building

Once you have decided on the orientation, it’s time to find out what angle to install your solar panels. The best angle for solar panels depends mainly on the solar insolation (sunlight intensity) in your area and the season.

In Australia and the southern hemisphere, you should install your solar panels at an angle equal to the latitude angle of the property’s location. It would ensure that solar panels are exposed to the maximum sunlight during the summer months when solar energy production is at its peak. In winter, solar panels should be inclined at a steeper angle to maximise the solar radiation they receive.

For solar panel installation in other parts of the world, the optimum tilt for the panels will vary depending on the solar insolation data for that particular location. It can be easily found online or by your solar installer. Generally speaking, solar panels should be installed at an angle equal to the local latitude plus or minus 15 degrees.

What is the Best Position for Solar Panels?

Now that you know solar panel orientation and angle matter, the next step is to determine which solar panel position will best suit your needs. The best solar array position depends on various factors, such as local solar insolation data, climate, shadows from nearby objects and obstructions. It also depends on the style of your roof and so much more.

In Australia, one should install solar panels facing north for optimum solar energy production. It is the best option to capture the highest solar energy throughout the year. For other countries, solar panels should be positioned in such a way that they receive maximum solar radiation in both summer and winter months.

What Happens When Solar Panels aren’t Angled Correctly?

If solar panels are not angled correctly, they will not be exposed to the sun’s rays for long periods, and solar energy production will drop accordingly. It means that solar panel performance won’t meet their expected efficiency. So not only have you wasted money on improper installation, but you will also continue to waste the potential savings your panels could give you. So, when it comes to solar panel installation, always choose trusted specialists.


rows of solar panels on commercial building with city view background

Solar panel orientation and angle play a crucial role in solar energy production. By choosing the optimal angle and orientation for solar panels, you can maximise solar energy production and get the most out of your solar array. To ensure that solar panels are installed correctly, it’s best to hire an experienced installer. That way, you can get the most out of your investment.

Keep Your Solar Panels Optimal with Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Thinking about transitioning your business to solar power? Or perhaps you’ve already taken that eco-friendly leap and installed solar panels on your commercial property? That’s great, but remember, it’s not just about the installation. Like any other significant asset, these panels need some TLC to ensure they’re operating at peak performance.

At O’Brien Maintenance Group, we’re passionate about helping businesses thrive with solar energy. We understand that commercial solar panels are an investment, both financially and environmentally. To help protect that investment, we offer top-notch commercial solar panel maintenance services. 

Our dedicated team ensures that every panel is clean and optimised to capture the sun’s energy as efficiently as possible, helping you reduce energy bills. So, whether it’s a routine washing or a deep clean after a dusty month, we’ve got you covered. Partner with us for quality solar cleaning services, and let’s make sure your green energy solution stays efficient and effective for years to come.

Going beyond Solar Panels

While solar panels are a pivotal component in ensuring properties are energy efficient, we mustn’t overlook the significance of gutters in maintaining the integrity and health of a building. Gutters play a crucial role in directing rainwater away from the property, preventing potential damage and keeping the structure’s foundation safe. Recognising this dual importance, O’Brien Maintenance Group doesn’t stop at solar panels. We extend our expertise to offer gutter maintenance services, ensuring that both your energy solution and your building’s drainage system are in optimal condition. By addressing these two critical areas, we provide a holistic approach to property maintenance for our commercial clients.

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