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closeup of a gutter with moss and small plants growing

Professional Vs. DIY Gutter Cleaning – What’s the Difference?

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You may think of gutter cleaning as a non-essential chore that you can do right before the rainy season comes. It may have even occurred to you that you can do it yourself and save a few bucks. But is it truly worth the trouble to do everything yourself? In the first place, what’s the difference between DIY gutter cleaning and choosing professional services? Let’s dive into this and more about gutter cleaning below.

Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

The purpose of your gutter system is to direct rainwater away from your home. But if the system is clogged, the water won’t go where it’s supposed to and end up spilling over the edge of your gutters. When this happens, it can cause a myriad of problems stemming from water damage.

When water pools in your gutters, you can end up with roof damage, rotted soffits and loose caulking in your gutters. When water seeps into your roofline and gets under the walls, your home interior will also suffer. What’s worse is that your home’s foundation won’t be spared from damage.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Keep your gutters in good condition by cleaning them at least annually. It also depends on the type of system you have. But if you have trees nearby, cleaning your gutters every six months would be best. Then again, if you need help determining whether your gutters need cleaning, do a quick visual inspection to check for mould and small plants growing out of your system.

Is DIY Gutter Cleaning a Good Idea?

man on ladder cleaning gutter
Information is abundant on the internet, and you might think that learning how to clean gutters is easy thanks to the many how-to articles and Youtube tutorials accessible in an instant. Moreover, the idea of doing things yourself may be appealing when you think of saving money. But what you might not consider is that gutter cleaning requires physical abilities, expertise and the right equipment. So, before you really get set on going down the DIY route, consider these questions first:

  • Do you have the proper knowledge to clean your gutter system without damaging other parts of your home?
  • Are you comfortable standing on a ladder for long periods?
  • Can you perform physical work that requires climbing up and down ladders and maintaining balance while cleaning?
  • Do you have the right equipment to perform the task?

If your answers to these questions are all negative, then it’s better not to think about doing things yourself. Moreover, even if you have the knowledge, skills and equipment to try gutter cleaning, you might not have time to spare. So, instead of going through all this trouble, hiring professional services is more than worth your time and money.

Why Choose Professional Gutter Cleaning Instead?

There are many reasons to choose professional gutter cleaners, and it’s not just because they know how to clean your gutter.


Professional gutter cleaners follow correct procedures and techniques to thoroughly and effectively clean your gutter system. On the other hand, haphazard cleaning will potentially damage your system and lead to more clogging.


Your gutter system spans your entire home, running up and down your home’s exteriors. So, getting up there to clean them and moving your ladder now and then isn’t exactly safe and easy. So many things can go wrong without the right experience and equipment. However, professionals undergo proper training in techniques and safety measures to care for themselves. They also have the safety gear needed to avoid injury.


man scooping leaves from gutter
Experts have the right equipment to perform thorough and safe cleaning jobs. Moreover, they have years of experience working with these tools. As such, they can work in a fast and efficient manner.


Professional gutter cleaners are already experienced. Plus, they have the advantage of knowing the tricks of the trade. So they can finish the job in record time without risking damage to your home and themselves.


Nothing beats quality work from experts. That’s why whenever you hire pros to clean your gutter system, you can rest assured that your system is in top shape and will stay that way with regular cleaning sessions.

Save Money

Attempting DIY gutter cleaning can result in damage to your home. And when your home gets damaged, you’ll need to pay for repair services, costing you more money than you intended to spend. Also, going DIY will require you to purchase equipment. So instead of saving money, you’ll end up spending even more than the cost of cleaning gutters.

Bonus Inspections

When pros clean your gutters, they can spot any issue that should be taken care of. And when they see anything of note, they can refer you to other experts who can perform the repairs. They can also provide recommendations on the same day. So, rely on the expertise of pros and take advantage of their knowledge.

Hire the Pros at O’Brien Maintenance Group for Guaranteed Quality Gutter Cleaning

Why do it yourself when you can rely on experts to provide professional gutter cleaning that keeps your system in tip-top shape in no time? At O’Brien Maintenance Group, we provide roof gutter cleaning services that keep your gutters functioning without issue throughout the rainy season.

We also do inspections while cleaning to check for leaks and other issues that need addressing. Once we find problems, we report our findings to you and refer you to other qualified professionals to perform the correct repairs. Moreover, we provide before and after photos of every job we complete for your peace of mind.

Call us today for efficient gutter cleaning & maintenance services.

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