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closeup of clogged gutter

Dangers of Not Cleaning Your Gutters

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Cleaning gutters is probably one of the least liked chores. However, it is essential as your gutters are a critical part of your roofing system. When it rains, the water has to go somewhere, and your roof gutters are responsible for collecting and systematically directing rainwater away from your home. But why is this important, and what could happen if you don’t clean your gutters?

Serious Problems Caused by Blocked Gutters

Rain is both a blessing and a source of problems. While it provides much-needed nourishment to plant and animal life and replenishes major water reservoirs, it can also cause issues to Australian homes in the form of water damage.

That’s because if your gutters are blocked, rainwater won’t be appropriately directed, and it will just overflow everywhere around your home. Let’s look at some of the top problems caused by dirty or blocked gutters.

Water Damage

Clogged gutters will cause rainwater to overflow and run down the sides of your home. When this happens, it will eventually end up inside your home. It will seep into your siding, window frames, and even under your flooring. The worst part is that you won’t see obvious signs of damage until significant harm is done.

Flooded Basements

Rainwater running off the sides of your home will eventually end up in your basement, especially in torrential downpours. If you have precious equipment lying around in the basement, you may want to secure and store them properly during the rainy season. Or you could have your gutters cleaned to avoid the hassle and protect your home.

Foundation Problems

When a gutter can’t function properly due to accumulated dirt and debris, rainwater will just spill everywhere and pool around your foundation. Once it gets seeped into the ground, it can cause erosion and weaken the walls of your foundation. It will lead to cracks and settling, damages that require costly repairs.

broken gutter hanging from a house

Broken Gutters

Gutters can only carry so much weight, and when it’s already overloaded with accumulated dirt and debris, you will end up with leaking gutters once it rains. The extra weight will also make them bend and cause them to tear away from your roof. If that happens, you will need to replace sections of your gutter system or have a completely new system installed instead.

Roof Damage

Rainwater can also seep into your roof, finding tiny hairline cracks and expanding them over time. It is especially dangerous during winter since water freezing inside the cracks can cause them to expand rapidly.

If that happens, your home can get damaged much quicker since it becomes a welcome invitation for unwanted critters in your attic or between your walls. So, unless you think your house is haunted, those scratches and strange noises you keep hearing through the night are likely made by critters infesting your home.

Mould and Pollen-Related Allergies

Who likes getting allergies? No one, and it’s even worse when you get allergies in your own home. After all, it’s meant to be a haven from all the bad things the outside world offers. Unfortunately, water seeping into your home can trigger severe mould and mildew growth.

If there are plenty of dark and humid spots in your home, mould and mildew can spread like wildfire, making them extraordinarily challenging and costly to remove. Moreover, they provoke health issues ranging from mild to severe.

Gutters left alone during spring also tend to trap a lot of pollen, causing significant problems to those who suffer from pollen allergies during that time of year.

closeup of clogged gutter with growing moss

Algae and Moss

Gutters with standing water become an excellent spot for algae and moss. As they grow more extensively, your gutters will have to support more weight, leaving no room for rainwater to flow. The growth can also cause damage to parts of your roofing system as it spreads.

Ruined Landscaping

Heavy rainfall pouring over your gutters can wash away your mulch and severely damage shrubs, flowers, and trees. The water can also gather in your landscape and drown your plants.

Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning

As a homeowner, you should prioritise cleaning your gutters to prevent problems that can cause extensive damage to your home’s structural integrity. Sadly, not everyone has the time for that. But this is where professional roof gutter cleaning comes in. Best of all, you get additional benefits when you hire professionals instead of doing it yourself.

Eliminate back-breaking, dangerous work and hand it over to those who have the skills and specialised tools needed for a job well done. Prevent costly errors from botched DIY attempts, and get convenient, regular cleaning without breaking a sweat.

man removing debris in gutter

Get Help from Expert Gutter Cleaners

If you have blocked gutters but no time for cleaning, leave it to us at O’Brien Maintenance Group. We are experienced professionals who cater to residential and commercial properties. But we don’t just clean and go. We also do visual inspections to check for visible damage that requires attention from qualified roofers to ensure your entire roof system is accounted for.

Would you like to know more about us? If you have questions about our services or how much gutter cleaning costs, contact us today. Our Client Care Team is always available. Partner with us for expert gutter cleaning in Melbourne that keeps your property safe and secure.

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